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Interner Link DFG Programme Contacts. Queries on programme eligibility can be addressed to. Link auf E-Mail Verfahren-Nachwuchs@dfg.de. Please consider that a reply may take some time. Please also have a look at the detailed information on the. Interner Link FAQs; During Your Fellowship (Contact Persons at the Fellowship Office Fellowships are provided to conduct research projects abroad and positions are provided to conduct research projects in Germany (in the category postdoctoral researcher or comparable) (or for a temporary substitute clinician position in the category medical research assistant) Seit dem Jahr 1966 vergibt die EMBO sogenannte Long-Term-Fellowships (12-24 Monate) an Postdocs aus ganz Europa, die über eine Erfahrung über maximal 3 Jahre verfügen

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Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium für Postdocs und erfahrene Wissenschaftler*innen. Das Humboldt‐Forschungsstipendium für Forschende aller Nationen und Fachgebiete: Wir unterstützen Sie - Postdoktorand*innen sowie erfahrene Wissenschaftler*innen - bei Ihren Forschungsvorhaben in Deutschland. Mit dem Humboldt‐Forschungsstipendium fördert die Alexander von Humboldt‐Stiftung. Für Postdoc-Aufenthalte wird davon ausgegangen, dass die Arbeitssprache am gastgebenden Institut Englisch ist. Ein entsprechender Nachweis durch das gastgebende Institut und ein Sprachnachweis sind in diesem Fall nicht erforderlich. Falls für die Bearbeitung des Projektes die Kenntnis weiterer Sprachen erforderlich ist, z.B. für Feldforschungen, gelten zu deren Nachweis folgende Regelungen.

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  1. Report | GFZ PostDoc Fellowship - New scholarship programme started. 05.07.2018 created by ak. 2018 GFZ Forum (photo: GFZ). News | The DFG Priority Program DOME boosts ore deposit research at GFZ . read more 09/11/2020 Digital Earth received the special Digital Science Award at the Digital Leader Award... read more 09/10/2020 Rebirth of a volcano. read more 09/10/2020 Giant particle.
  2. Are you looking for the DFG Research Fellowship and want to apply for it for your research work, then this article will provide DFG Research Fellowship all thing you need to know.. DFG funding program was founded in 1952 with the aim of stimulating funding for those disciplines in which Germany is severely lagging behind its international competitors or which otherwise appear particularly.
  3. Agnes-Pockels-Fellowship; Postdoc Career Grant; PostDoc-Konzept. PostDocs haben einen erheblichen Anteil an der Forschungsleistung der TU Braunschweig. Sie werden in die Leh­re eingebunden, betreiben eigene Drittmittelakquise, über­nehmen Projektverantwortung, publizieren eigenstän­dig und werden zum aktiven Mit­glied ihrer wissenschaftlichen ­Fachcommunity. Die TU Braunschweig stärkt.
  4. In 2014 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) initiated the programme Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (PRIME) to support the international mobility of postdoctoral researchers by temporary positions at German universities in place of conventional scholarships. The programme has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and.
  5. Leopoldina-Postdoc-Stipendium. Die Leopoldina vergibt ein Leopoldina-Postdoc-Stipendium an herausragende promovierte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Zielgruppe des Programms sind jüngere Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz aus naturwissenschaftlichen und.
  6. International Postdoctoral Programs at the NIH Please also explore our page on funding opportunities for nih intramural trainees . JSPS Fellowships. The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) has, for many years, in collaboration with the Fogarty International Center of the NIH, offered two-year fellowships to Japanese citizens who wish to conduct postdoctoral research at the NIH

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DFG programmes, Dr. Anjana Buckow Giessen, 20.01.2010 The DFG Funding Chain Appropriate funding options at each career stage Studies Doctorate Postdoc Period Achievement of eligibility for tenure Preparation for scientific mgmt position Professorship or other scientific mgmt position Emmy Noether Programme Heisenberg professorship Professorship o Postdoctoral researchers from sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, can go on a 'Cooperation Visit' lasting three months to an institute in Germany. The TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits Programme provides postdoctoral researchers from sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, with the opportunity to make a three-month 'Cooperation Visit' to a research institute in Germany. Such. Postdoc Funding Opportunities; DFG Researcher Fellowships; DFG Researcher Fellowships . The purpose of this fellowship by DFG is to enable researchers at an early stage of their scientific career to carry out a clearly defined research project at a place of their choice abroad or to acquaint themselves with new scientific research methods for up to 2 years. Eligibility Requirements. German. In July 2019 the DFG has launched a new Postdoc Funding Scheme - the Walter Benjamin Program enabling researchers in the postdoctoral training phase to independently conduct their own research project at a location of their choice for 2 years


2 Postdoc Research Fellowships The Ph.D research group (DFG-Graduiertenkolleg) Friends, Patrons, Clients. The practice and semantics of friendship and patronage in comparative historical and anthropological perspective of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg, financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft offers two Postdoc Research Fellowships, to run from 1 June 2013 for two years. Funding is available for a postdoctoral researcher (Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow) who must be recruited from abroad by the applicant. The researcher's remuneration will be based on the collective wage agreement adopted by the state of Berlin and may in exceptional cases equal the income of the junior research group leader The Academy awards the Leopoldina postdoc scholarship to outstanding postdoctoral scientists in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The target group for the program is up-and-coming young scientists from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who already indicate an independent research profile in natural science or medicine Those who choose the Heisenberg professorship must find a German university that agrees to continue funding of the position when DFG funding will expire. Type and extent of funding Fellowship of 4,450 euros per month, or work contract for professorship with a salary based on the pay scale for professors (depending on the German state, university and the fellow's status) German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the German Excellence Initiative, we seek to stimulate and guide cutting-edge research on some of the most crucial challenges modern knowledge-based societies are facing. Research Projects Visiting postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to work on their own research projects which should fit into the academic profile of the Graduate School.

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Fellowships for postdoc candidates living abroad: TUM University Foundation Fellowship deadline 31. October 2019 Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions deadline 11. September 2019 Humboldt Foundation application any time EMBO FEBS HFSP Leopoldina Postdoc Stipendien (only for Austrians and Swiss) Fellowships for postdoc candidates living abroad and in Germany: Walter Benjamin Program of the DFG Peter. Emmy Noether Postdoctoral Fellow Programme: Science and Technology: DFG, Germany: No fixed deadlines: More Detail: FAPESP's Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Any relevant area: Brazil: Any time of year. More Detail : COMSATS Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme: Biomass Chemistry, Natural Products and Solar Cells: Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) Throughout year: More. Five MCB Postdocs Receive Fellowships from the NIH, the NSF, and the German Research Foundation (DFG) Five MCB postdocs have recently been awarded prestigious fellowships that will support their work in neuroscience and molecular biology Where to do research Funding and fellowships Dual career Preparing your stay Why do your postdoc in Germany. Senior researchers Find a job. Newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter. It contains a Career & funding section with up-to-date information on applications for scholarships and funding programmes. More. Three cities, three researchers, one day. Semih from Turkey is a postdoc at TU.

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DFG Research Fellowship Type of funding: Basic fellowship (see award calculator ) plus monthly lump sum payment to cover maintenance and travel costs; up to 2 years Requirements: PhD completed; resident in Germany for several years, at least 3 years of scientific work as a researcher in the German research system and wish to continue to pursue research in Germany in the future; mobility require 5-year Research Fellowships promote researchers with significant work experience at the postdoctoral level aiming for a career in academia. Research Fellows build their own academic identity by leading an independent research group at the University of Konstanz. Within the Synergy Research Fellowship Programme we open the possibility to (academic) partners to apply. This programme allows two.

Using this comment and your comment below where you linked the salary table, I think I understand everything now. The total salary possible for the position is 66.600 (minus the Lohnnebenkosten), which comes out to 52.256€. 52.256€ is the gross salary for a TV-L E14 (Stufe 2), which is the maximum allowable salary for the DFG postdoctoral grant DFG-eigene Stelle etc. kowi.de. kowi.de. He later carried out research work at the University of Otago, New Zealand (Postdoctoral Fellowship 1981-82), at the University of Delaware, USA (Fulbright Scholarship 1985-86), and at the University of Durham, England (Visiting Fellowship 1992). In 1999 he was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Biology (Britain) and registered as a Chartered.

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Ausschreibung: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. News vom 11.06.2018. full-time job limited to 3 years Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference code: Kostka/DFG Postdoc Job description: The postdoctoral fellow will join a new DFG-funded project on Interjurisdictional Competition and Cooperation in China: An Analysis of Sources and Policy Interventions at the County Level, co-led by Sarah Eaton. Teilnehmer des JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (standard) sind von der Bewerbung ausgeschlossen. Dauer: 1 bis 12 Monate. Bewerbungswege und weitere Informationen: Doktoranden und Postdoktoranden (mit Aufenthaltsdauer bis 6 Monate): beim DAAD für einen Stipendienantritt zwischen01.01.2021 - 31.01.2021 bis 31.07.2020

PostDocs play a significant role in the research performance of the TU Braunschweig. They Agnes Pockels Fellowship Programme Support for highly-qualified external researchers: As part of the Agnes Pockels Fellowship Programme, TU Braunschweig sponsors highly-motivated top-level scientists by offering additional funding for their staffing and material costs over a period of three years. Im zweiten Schritt werden die besten Kandidaten zu einem Interview mit dem DFG-Netzwerk nach Braunschweig geladen. Es werden nur elektronisch eingereichte Bewerbungen akzeptiert. Die Unterlagen senden Sie bitte als eine pdf-Datei an Forschungsservice und EU-Hochschulbüro unter dem Stichwort Bewerbung Agnes-Pockels-Fellowship Fellowships for Postdoc candidates living abroad and in Germany. Walter Benjamin Program of the DFG; Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Stiftung; Fritz Thyssen Foundation; German resident doctoral student candidates can apply to. Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes; Böhringer Ingelheim; Cusanus Werk; Villigst ; Doctoral students living abroad can apply to. DAAD; Böhringer Ingelheim-Crop Physiology.


The Agnes Pockels Fellowship sponsors highly-qualified external researchers by offering additional funding for personnel and material costs over a period of three years. This grant is open to external scientists who have previously won highly-competitive third-party research programmes Das PostDoc Career Grant bietet herausragenden Promovierten der TU Braunschweig eine Anschubfinanzierung für den Übergang zwischen Promotions- und Postdoc Phase. Exzellenten Postdocs wird so die Möglichkeit geboten, nach Abschluss der Promotionsphase vorbereitende Forschungsarbeiten durchzuführen sowie die Zeit bis zur Bewilligung des eigenen Drittmittelantrags bei der DFG zu überbrücken DFG postdoc payment scale Started by gsh, 2 Feb 2015. 45 posts in this topic. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3 . gsh 1 1 Posted 2 Feb 2015. Hi, I am a postdoc currently leading a project from the DFG. I have a German PhD, and got funding from the DFG as the PI. During the application, I checked briefly and found that a. Bewerben Sie sich, wenn Sie als überdurchschnittlich qualifizierter.

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  1. DFG Research Unit on Natural Selection in Structured Populations, Speaker, 2008-2016; DFG Senate Committee on Biodiversity, 2008-16 ; Center for Advanced Studies (CAS LMU), LMU Munich, 2011-European Research Council (ERC), Panel Member, 2016-Academic and Research Appointments. Postdoctoral Fellow, Universities of Konstanz and Bremen, 1981-84, and Universities of Sussex and Edinburgh (with J.
  2. CRCs usually advertise vacancies and fellowships publicly, and the details can be found on their websites. Applications should be submitted to the coordinator of the respective CRC. An up-to-date list of all CRCs is available on the programme website. Vacancies and fellowships are also advertised on the DFG's website (see link below)
  3. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit postdoc fellowship - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen
  4. Details about GFZ Postdoctoral Fellowship. GFZ Postdoctoral Fellowship is offered for Post Doc degree in the field of program topics. You can apply to this scholarship here.The deadline for the sending your application is 31 Aug 2018.This scholarship is provided by German Research Foundation (DFG) and the value of this scholarship is Partial Funding, Depending on the course
  5. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit postdoc - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen

08.09.2020 Hector Fellow Academy gGmbH deutschlandweit Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Postdoc (m/w/d) DFG-Graduiertenkolleg Ästhetische Praxis 01.10.2020 Stiftung Universität Hildesheim Hildesheim Förderung von Wissenschaftlern (m/w/d) der Naturwissenschaften, Mathematik und Informatik . 01.10.2020 German Scholars Organization e.V. deutschlandweit Mitglied (m/w/d) 01.10.2020 Die Junge. The Gliese Postdoctoral Fellowship Program of the Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg (ZAH) is named in honor of Wilhelm Gliese (1915 - 1993) and his pioneering astrometric studies of stars in the solar neighborhood.. The Gliese Postdoctoral Fellowship provides a competitive stipend and a generous research budget for up to three years (initially awarded for two years) to. PhD and Postdoc Positions in DFG-Funded Projects. The following scientific positions from DFG-funded projects are currently open: Position: Up to 9 doctoral PhD positions. The Research Training Group 2576 vivid - in vivo investigations towards the early development of type 2 diabetes established by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), Heinrich Heine.

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  1. Fellowships for . postdoctoral. researchers for a research project . abroad Duration of max. 2 years Possibility of max. 6-months return grant Basic fellowship allowance = €1,750 + direct project costs + foreign allowance + cost of living allowance + child allowance (where applicable) + travel allowance → award calculator at DFG website Proposal to the DFG. Research fellowships.
  2. Postdocs and senior researchers who. hold a doctorate; are working at a German research institution (in Germany or abroad) have a research project of high academic quality and originality that meets international standards; Further requirements . The applicants must be supported by a statement from a German host institution indicating that it will assume employer responsibilities during the.
  3. ar is to empower you to sustainably schedule and submit your research funding applications within the postdoc period. You will have the possibility to discuss your questions regarding.
  4. Bei den Marie Curie Fellowships handelt es sich um ein Stipendienprogramm der Europäischen Kommission, welche die Mobilität und den Austausch von Forschern innerhalb der EU fördern soll. Insbesondere für Postdocs eignen sich diese Stipendien sehr gut zur beruflichen Weiterentwicklung
  5. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) offers Research Fellowships to enable researchers at an early stage of their scientific career to carry out a clearly defined research project at a place of their choice abroad or to apprise themselves with new scientific research methods Duration: up to 2 year
  6. Scientific positions PhD and Postdoc: DFG 2385 views 2 applications Germany: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) PhD PostDoc Research Associate Technical positions Europe , Germany December 12, 2017 All Disciplines - Biology - Biotechnology - Chemistry - Engineering and Technology - Humanities and Arts - Life Sciences - Natural Sciences - Social Science

Georg Forster Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers Grants to Support the Initiation of International Collaboration These grants support international collaboration by enabling eligible German and international researchers and academics to plan partner visits, trips abroad and/or joint workshops with their partners PhD and Postdoc positions Currently, no PhD or PostDoc positions are available. However, we are happy to accept outstanding individuals PhD or Postdoc candidates who can attract their own fellowship

Freigeist-Fellowships VolkswagenStiftun

  1. Als Postdoc gehören Sie zur Gruppe erfahrener Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern, die in Forschung und Lehre an der Universität Paderborn einen wichtigen Beitrag leisten und sich gleichzeitig für die Berufung auf eine Professur weiterqualifizieren können
  2. Postdoc-UNIKAT-Fellowships für anwendungsorientierte Forschung; Finanzierung der eigenen Stelle bei der DFG ; Nachwuchsförderung der DFG; Lichtenberg-Professuren der VolkswagenStiftung ; Stipendien an promovierte Wissenschaftler/innen der Thyssen-Stiftung (Förderarten - Stipendien anklicken) ; Postgraduate Grants and Post-Doctoral Fellowships at the European University Institute, Florence.
  3. DFG-Research Fellowships are intended to help early career researchers to conduct a defined project at a location of their choice in a country other than Germany and to use it as an opportunity to familiarise themselves with new research methods or to bring a large project to a conclusion. Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researcher
  4. With the DFG-module Mercator Fellow' the research training group enables the PhD students to pursue an intensive and long-term exchange with researchers in Germany and from abroad. Fellows will be on site for a time but will remain in contact with project participants even after their stay. Fellows are integrated to a greater extent than visiting researchers. They are involved with the.

TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits Programme TWA

  1. Research stays by DFG scholarship holders and fellows. There are flexible regulations for DFG scholarship holders and fellows to meet problems with entry and exit restrictions or closure of host institutions. Further information is available here (in German). Organisations for the promotion of young talent (Begabtenförderungswerke) If you have any questions about funding by the Organisations.
  2. DFG's Postdoctoral Fellowship is great to develop network abroad and gain international experience. 4.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Work/Life Balance ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Culture & Values ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Career Opportunities ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Compensation and Benefits ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Senior Management ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Current Employee - Postdoctoral Fellow in San Francisco, CA. I have.
  3. 18 months Postdoctoral Fellowship (with the possibility of a six-month extension) attached to the ANR-DFG Project PLURITEXT. The position will run September 1, 2017-february 28, 2019
  4. Postdoctoral Fellows Current PostDoctoral Fellows. Anna Belogurova. Associated Postdoc (DFG Eigene Stelle) GEAS POINT Fellow 2014-2016 +49 30 838 53531. anna.belogurova[at]fu-berlin.de. Laurent Chircop-Reyes. Associated Postdoc. Chinese Studies, Anthropohistory. Daniel White. Anthropology of Japan; affect and emotion; affective computing and emotional AI; wellbeing . daniel.white@fu-berlin.de.
  5. Als COFUND Postdoc Fellow 2013 arbeitete Dr. Hassan J. Ndzovu in der Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies am Projekt Mediated Sermons: Production, Women and Popular Theme Bildquelle: David Ausserhofer. Die Bewerbung für drittmittelfinanzierte Nachwuchsgruppenleiterstellen setzt oftmals postdoktorale Forschungserfahrung voraus. Auch die Berufung auf eine Juniorprofessur.
  6. Postdoctoral Fellowships in den Geisteswissenschaften an Universitäten und Forschungsinstituten in Deutschland - VolkswagenStiftung and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation : Vergabe von Stipendien an Geisteswissenschaftler*innen amerikanischer Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen für einen Forschungsaufenthalt in Deutschland. Die kooperierenden Institutionen sind das Freiburg Institute for.
Walter Benjamin Programme - Research in Germany

Universität Leipzig: Funding a Postdoc

Mit Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) und der Europäischen Union (FP7/Marie Curie Actions/COFUND) hat der DAAD 2014 das Förderprogramm Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (PRIME) initiiert und unterstützt seitdem die internationale Mobilität in der Postdoktorandenphase durch befristete Stellen an deutschen Hochschulen anstelle. Distinguished Postdoc Fellowship. One of the major goals of MCQST is to increase the number of female scientists at all career stages in the field of Quantum Science and Technology (QST) in Munich. As an incentive for proactively hiring excellent female postdocs, MCQST offers fellowships funding excellent female postdoctoral researchers for one year, under the condition that the hosting MCQST. A GF enables you to continue your research career at a very early stage, with the aim of obtaining a substantial international postdoctoral grant or research funding or a contract outside the RS PLUS program (via DFG, EU, DAAD etc.).That`s why we would like to send you into the world as early as possible after obtaining the doctoral degree

Graduiertenakademie der Universität Kassel: Postdocs und

Mercator Fellow; Postdoc / Anschubfinanzierung. Um herausragende Absolventen des Graduiertenkollegs dazu zu motivieren, ihre Karriere in der Wissenschaft fortzusetzen, erhalten während der Kolleglaufzeit zwei Absolventen eine Anschubfinanzierung. Diese ermöglicht den Absolventen, nach Abschluss ihrer hervorragenden Promotion ein Forschungsthema zu erarbeiten und einen eigenen Projektantrag. Share Ideas - Create Knowledge - Facilitate Networking. Due to the Corona Pandemic, this year's Postdoc Day takes place online. Participate in our workshops from everywhere, network with your colleagues and inform yourself about counselling and supporting possibilities of the University of Bonn for your next career step Postdocs. Dr. Hatem Amin (DFG Return fellowship) Hatem is a joined Postdoc of the Apfel and Tschulik group and interested in novel electrocatalytic applcations. PhD Students. Julian Kleinhaus (PhD-Student) Julian Kleinhaus Room: NC 1/73 +49 (0)234 3227311 Tobias Kull (PhD-Student) Tobias Kull Room: NC 1/73 +49 (0)234 3227702 Philipp Gerschel (Kekulé-fellow of the Fonds der chemischen. Finden Sie jetzt 91 zu besetzende Research Fellow, Pharmacometrics Jobs auf Indeed.com, der weltweiten Nr. 1 der Online-Jobbörsen. (Basierend auf Total Visits weltweit, Quelle: comScore Research Fellowship (DFG) Purpose: To enable researchers at an early stage of their scientific career to carry out a clearly defined research project at a place of their choice abroad or to acquaint themselves with new scientific research methods; Duration: Up to 2 years; Type of Funding: Basic fellowship and monthly lump sum to cover maintenance and travel costs; further benefits are.

Förderung (Postdocs) — Universität Bon

Postdoc with Klaus Hahlbrock, Max-Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany; PhD research with Dietrich Werner, Marburg, Germany; Studied Microbiology, Botany, Biochemistry and Genetics at the Universities of Konstanz and University of Marburg, Germany; Awards. ERC Advanced Grant; DFG Postdoctoral fellow; EMBO postdoctoral fellow; Marie Curie. 10 Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships (recent postdocs), 11 DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships in the fields of Space, Aeronautics, Energy and Transportation Research , 12 Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists, 13 Re-invitation Programme for Former Scholarship Holders, 9 Other Funding Programmes, 1 Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation Dr. Heiko Bauer leaves our group and joins the group of Prof. Sjoerd Harder at the FAU Nürnberg-Erlangen as postdoctoral fellow Fellowship. The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF) are prestigious fellowships funded by the European Commission. They offer a generous allowance for 12-24 months including mobility, family and research allowance

Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium - Alexander von Humboldt

Applications of postdocs together with an established senior researcher (e.g. the advisor of the dissertation), who will also stay at the MFO for shorter periods. Support of research stays in order to conduct a large project (e.g. for a Heisenberg fellowship of the DFG or of other, also international, funding institutions or universities) Common funding of postdocs together with universities. Postdocs. Etablierung von Nachwuchsgruppen; Weiterqualifizierung; Finanzierung; Infos für Betreuende; Kontakt; Post­docs Ein­lei­tungs­text Post­docs Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden vertiefen nach der Promotion oftmals ihr Fachwissen im Rahmen von Postdoc-Stellen. Das Fernziel dieser Karrierephase ist die Professur. Hier finden Sie einige Infos und Hinweise für die Phase nach der. DFG-Postdoc Fellow University Rijeka and University Lecturer Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Berlin und Umgebung, Deutschland 51 Kontakte. Zum Vernetzen anmelden. Center for Advanced Studies - South Eastern Europe, University of Rijeka. EuroConsults. Dieses Profil melden; Berufserfahrung. Postdoc Fellow Center for Advanced Studies - South Eastern Europe, University of Rijeka. Juni 2018. Die Postdocs selbst bekommen entweder Forschungsstipendien für einen Auslandsaufenthalt oder befristete Projektstellen, wie etwa von der DFG, oder werden von den Hochschulen und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen bezahlt. Rein formal sind sie dort Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter und werden daher meist auch so entlohnt. In der Regel verdienen Postdocs je nach Bundesland im ersten.

Stipendien finden und bewerben - DAAD - Deutscher

DFG Research Training Group 1913. Members. Postdoctoral Researchers. 1: Doctoral Researchers ; Aktive Seite ist 2: Postdoctoral Researchers; 3: Fellows and Guests ; 4: Participating Researchers ; 5: Cooperations ; 6: Scientific Coordination ; Dipl.-Ing. Mag. phil. Christa Kamleithner Curriculum Vitae E christa.kamleithner(at)b-tu.de T +49 (0) 355 69 3125 Lehrgebäude 2D Raum 116 Organisation. Stipendien für Forschungsprogramme des DAAD, DFG, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung und Auslandsbafög. Jetzt kostenlos informieren lassen! Kontakt. Infomaterial bestellen. Asien. Neuseeland. Mo-Fr 9:00-12:30 | 13:30-17:00. Stuttgart 0711 / 400 910 40 Hamburg 040 / 368 813 160 Berlin 030 / 467 260 810 Köln 0221 / 975 868 70 Dortmund 0231 / 950 981 39. Infomaterial bestellen. GOstralia. The Postdoc UNIKAT Fellowship offers the possibility for applied research and development to devise new types of societal applications on the basis of the applicant's own research findings. This can be technical, social, ecological or even cultural innovations that are transferred into innovative concepts for products, services, organisations or business, for example. The results should be the. The fellowships are intended to bridge a period of 3-6 months between the finalization of PhD studies and the start of a postdoctoral position. This is an important benefit since applications for postdoctoral positions or for postdoc fellowships from funding organizations like the DFG take several months to be evaluated. Our fellowships enable PhD graduates to continue working at Ulm.

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