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Red Coat was a previously anonymous character and is the person to have stolen the game as A from Mona Vanderwaal. Confirmed in Game Over, Charles , Charlotte DiLaurentis (alias CeCe Drake) was the one who stole the game from Mona and was thus the evil Red Coat It is revealed by Nigel Wright that CeCe Drake set up a fake private flight plan for Red Coat in A DAngerous GAme . CeCe paid Nigel to cover her tracks. It is revealed in Game Over, Charles that it was CeCe who set up the flight, and it was Sara Harvey who flew in, in order to distract the girls

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In Season 4, it is revealed there are 2 active Red Coat's, one being CeCe Drake, the other being Alison DiLaurentis. In Season 6, it is revealed there is a third red coat, this one being Sara Harvey Can Cece Drake be Red CoAT? Sorry haven't uploaded in a while, I've been so busy! Music by FesliyanStudios This guy is awesome so you should totally subscrib..

In the past we've seen Alison and Cece Drake don the infamous red coat, so it's pretty safe to say Alison is definitely not Red Coat, but what about Cece? Cece has been on the short list for.. Red Coat theory: Cece Drake **gifs below are not mine** There are several things that Cece has done that are total -A moves, but yet they go completely unnoticed because she seems to do everything so innocently. I'll post all of the reasons I think she's red coat, but here is the main reason: It all started with episode 3x11: Cece tells Spencer the story about how Paige and Alison had it.

But now that Red Coat is back and definitely helping Charles, there's been some talk that those long blonde locks and colorful coat are actually CeCe in disguise. It begs the question — is CeCe.. CeCe Drake Charles Drake Charles DiLaurentis Charlotte DiLaurentis A Varjak Alison DiLaurentis Freddie: Occupation: A (formerly) Red Coat (formerly) Stylist (formerly) Family; Father: Ted Wilson: Mother: Mary Drake : Adoptive father: Kenneth DiLaurentis: Adoptive mother: Jessica DiLaurentis: Half-sisters: Spencer Hastings Alex Drake: Aunts and uncles: Jessica DiLaurentis: First cousins.

Charlotte CeCe DiLaurentis/Drake (ehemals Charles Drake) ist ein Charakter in Pretty Little Liars, welcher erstmals in Staffel 2 vorgestellt wurde.Sie wird von Vanessa Ray (Gegenwart), Dylan Garza und Wyatt Hodge (in Flashbacks) verkörpert The best friend, mentor and older sister figure of Alison DiLaurentis, CeCe moved back to Rosewood two years after her disappearance. She was revealed to have dressed up as Red Coat in order to help Alison out in Ravenswood and is currently in France where she fled to after killing Darren Wilden Mona assumed that it was Alison's number, but it wasn't, it was Cece's number, the number that was in the red coat 215-469-3561 Cece and Mona had known each other since the beginning Red Coat is the main antagonist of the third and fourth seasons of the television series Pretty Little Liars, as well as being the secondary antagonist of the sixth season. She is the leader of the A-Team who dons an Alison mask and a red trench coat. She is revealed to be CeCe Drake and Sara Harvey Charlotte Drake is the main antagonist of the television series Pretty Little Liars . She is revealed to be A and Red Coat, as well as the person who attempted to murder Alison. It is transpired that she stole the A game away from Mona Vanderwaal. It is also revealed that she was born as Charles Drake before transitioning into Charlotte

RedCoat in 6x10 and CeCe in 4x13. The blond hair looks too natural to be a wig. CeCe is RedCoat. pllguy . Follow. Unfollow. pll pretty little liars cece drake cece is redcoat pll 6x10 pll 4x13 pll red coat. CeCe has clearly been in the A game multiple times. What's more, duh, she was one of the two Red Coats last time! She's been totally off the map for quite a while, giving her plenty of time to..

Is CeCe Drake Red Coat on 'PLL'? By Maggie Malach. Aug. 4, 2015. We Pretty Little Liars fans love a good conspiracy theory, especially if it makes us think we're one step closer to finding out who. Nigel Wright blamed the Lodge Fire on CeCe Drake. This shady pilot seemed to be covering for someone, so when CeCe's name came up, it felt like he was trying to red herring us. Nope. It was. Charlotte DiLaurentis (née Charles Drake, alias CeCe Drake) est un personnage des saisons 3 à 7 de Pretty Little Liars. Elle est interprétée par Vanessa Ray. Charlotte nous est présentée, sous le nom de CeCe Drake, comme l'une des meilleures amies d'Alison. Elle s'est montrée très gentille envers les filles afin de gagner leur confiance. Elle se révèle être l'enfant caché de Mary.

The residents of Rosewood learned this first-hand on the Aug. 20 episode of Pretty Little Liars, as Red Coat haunted the school's hoedown and had everyone shaking in their cowboy boots Cece Drake é realmente a Red Coat? No episódio da semana passada 4x11 Bring Down The Hoe vimos que a nossa querida Cece Drake reapareceu depois de ter deixado Rosewood á um tempo atrás, no final da 3ª temporada. E essa loira voltou com TUDO! Tivemos uma grande revelação, Cece faz parte do -A Team. Cece está falando com alguém no telefone, dentro do A's Lair, dizendo que não vai. Red Coat lurks behind Hanna in the DiLaurentis house when she comes to visit Emily. Bring Down the Hoe. CeCe Drake is in a lair of some sorts on the phone. As the camera pans away we see that a red coat is draped over a chair. At the Hoedown, Emily spots Red Coat but loses her. Spencer shows up and Emily tells her what she saw. Spencer. None other than Cece Drake. Also, once again, this was a time where Cece was seen wearing the red coat and Ali mask, just like the person at Ali's grave. Both Cece and Big A are capable of murder: We know for sure that Cece has killed someone before. Whether that person was actually Wilden, or if it was Garrett can be left up to people's interpretation but regardless, she confessed.

PLL Pretty Little Liars BIG A CeCe Drake Charles DiLaurentis Charlotte DiLaurentis Vanessa Ray Charlotte Drake Charles Drake Red Coat PLL Red Coat Red Coat PLL PLL Big A Big A PLL. 2 notes Reblog. I just remembered that CeCe and Spencer are sisters. I mean, I knew thisbut I just remembered again while watching a scene with the two of them. pll-imsodone-notreally . Follow. Unfollow. pretty. CeCe Drake. Why She's Red Coat: CeCe has clearly been in the A game multiple times. What's more, duh, she was one of the two Red Coats last time! She's been. Pretty Little Liars Finale Pretty Little Liars Seasons Pll Vanessa Ray Mary Drake Jason Dilaurentis Father Ted Are You Not Entertained Matou. More information... Article by POPSUGAR. 25. More like this. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. CeCe is at Noel Kahn's cabin and his bother says CeCe Drake! Back from the dead This also refers back to the ghost twin/sister. Later on twitter after the Halloween episode aired one of the producers uploaded this: In pretty dirty secrets a A team member rubs their fingers down cece and then a red coat. Resemblance anyone Me TOO!!! I thought Cece was the second red coat. ALTHOUGHT I think the episode was great. I mean to have your best friend turn out to be the person who has been torturing you this whole time. I. Warum verzeiht Alison , Cece alles, warum ist sarah red coat und warum hat cece die mädchen tyrannisiert? in pretty little liars haben die mädchen so viel erlebt, ali hat ihren tod vorgetäuscht weil sie so sehr belästigt wurde und musste immer davonrennen, die mädchen wurden tyrannisiert und haben viel verloren. meine fragen die offen geblieben sind: warum verzieht , achtung spoiler, ali.

It is unknown exactly why CeCe joined the A-Team. She was paid by Alison to spy on Ezra and was seen in a black hoodie at the end of Bring Down the Hoe. In the next episode Now You See Me, Now You Don't, CeCe is seen in a red trench coat hoodie Cece Drake is red coat! General Information believe the girl was a blonde (Ali, twin, Cece, Meredith) but in the bottom picture you can see it's a blonde wig, and the person is actually brunette! Pretty Little Liars Charlotte Dilaurentis/CeCe Drake is -A Red Coat reveal Give. Image - Cece's red coat.jpg | Pretty Little Liars Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia , That wasn't.

Mona and Red Coat began to recruit more members, including Toby Cavanaugh, Spencer Hastings, Darren Wilden, Jenna Marshall, Noel Kahn, and Wren Kingston, as well as blackmailing Lucas Gottesman and Melissa Hastings into assisting. Red Coat was revealed to be CeCe Drake, who is secretly Alison DiLaurentis' sister named Charlotte DiLaurentis Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Cece Drake [Red coat] [Masked] Pretty Little Liars, was posted by MoonieWonka At the hospital, after someone attacks Jenna Marshall, Shana tells Spencer that Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake. Later, Red Coat walks up on the DiLaurentis lawn and waits for Mrs. DiLaurentis to turn off the lights. Once she does, Red Coat begins heading towards the house and goes to a gate on the side of porch. She then begins to drill the gate open and pulls it off its hinges. The Mirror Has. Red Coat may be living with her for the time being, which is why the Red Coat was behind her. So CeCe works under Red Coat. And if this is true I would think Melissa would be Red Coat, because she's gone again. Said she was moving somewhere. She could very well be living with CeCe or trying to hide her Aria hits Red Coat in the face, knocking off her mask and revealing CeCe Drake. CeCe gets knocked off from the platform, where CeCe and Aria have been fighting on. She lies motionless, presumably dead, but when the Liars reach the spot where she fell, she has disappeared. Spencer leads the girls to a lair she believes is A's, where she had been led by the second Red Coat. She believes it was.

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  1. Find the latest selection of CeCe in-store or online at Nordstrom. Shipping is always free and returns are accepted at any location. In-store pickup and alterations services available
  2. CeCe Drake is the leader of the A-Team and the mysterious character previously known as Red Coat. CeCe stole the game away from Mona Vanderwaal and became the leader of the A -Team. Sara Harvey. Big A's friend and ally. Sara Harvey is the friend and ally to Charlotte, assisting her in playing the game. Sara is the Black Widow and also dressed up as Red Coat to decoy for Charlotte. However.
  3. We learned in the finale that CeCe took over the A game while Mona was in Radley. But we also know that she continued to wear the Red Coat disguise even after she became Big A. Her face is.
  4. Sem máscara(Como Red Coat e CeCe Drake) Última aparição Farewell, My Lovely Como Charlotte Drake : Charlotte DiLaurentis (nascida Charles Drake e após adotada, Charles DiLaurentis) é uma personagem fictícia criada por I. Marlene King em 2012 e interpretada por Vanessa Ray para a série de televisão Pretty Little Liars. A personagem também aparece no spin-off Pretty Dirty Secrets.
  5. Game Over, Charles is the tenth episode of the sixth season of the ABC Family mystery drama series Pretty Little Liars, serving as the mid-season finale.It is the 130th episode, overall, originally airing on August 11, 2015, on ABC Family. It was written and directed by showrunner I. Marlene King.ABC Family promoted the finale with the slogan #facetoface, which served as an indication that.
  6. Nice red coat, Dr. Sullivan. 1 point · 3 years ago. OFAB. level 1. Itsamask. Can we day drink just a little? 7 points · 3 years ago. I'm not believing Mary didn't know Charlotte called herself CeCe. No way. Mary has untold depths. level 2 . carpe-jvgvlvm. It's All Mona Revenge Porn 5 points · 3 years ago. I want this convo: My child was named Charles Drake when my evil sister Jessica stole.

According to Mona, she was visited by a Red Coat resembling Alison after she was admitted and Red Coat gave her a way in and out of Radley in exchange for Mona working for her new A team. Mona kept a hiding place of momentos in the old children's ward of Radley. This includes a map of Radley and the places of interest there as well as her materials for sneaking in and out of the. CeCe offers her a partnership and they become A together, starting a full A-Team, which consists of Toby Cavanaugh, Spencer Hastings, and a blackmailed Lucas and Melissa again. CeCe begins to believe that her cousin and adoptive sister, Alison, is alive and begins disguising herself as Red Coat In 2x25, CeCe made her first appearance at the Masquerade Ball by wearing a long red dress and covering her face with a golden sun mask. At the end of the episode, CeCe visits Mona in Radley as Red Coat and steals the game from her officially. Season 3 is when CeCe really moved back to Rosewood, which is why we see 'A' in the 'A' endings. The first time The Liars saw CeCe Drake, they mistook her for Alison. Her clothing style, tone of voice, and hairstyle are all similar to Ali's. She was a very close friend to Alison and had spent a lot of time with her before she disappeared, a fact unknown by Ali's clique until then. CeCe dated Alison's older brother Jason. As a close older friend of Ali, she would take her to part in Alison. CeCe era la novia de Jason durante las vacaciones en Cape May. CeCe afirma que esas vacaciones fueron bastantes intensas pero divertidas por el hecho de que compartía momentos con Alison. En el episodio de la cuarta temporada Now You See Me, Now You Don't se descubre que ella era una de las Red Coats

Allerdings hab ich die ganze Zeit darauf gewartet, zu erfahren, wer A vor CeCe Drake war. Ich hab nachgelesen und im Internet stand nur, dass CeCe A wurde, weil sie so wütend darüber war, dass die Liars dachten, Alison sei wirklich tot. Aber in den Folgen, wo Rückblenden mit Ali waren, konnte man ja erfahren, dass Ali ebenfalls Nachrichten von A bekommen hat und von ihm oder ihr. OMG! Cece Drake è Charles! Dopo sei lunghi anni di attesa i fan di Pretty Little Liars hanno avuto la loro risposta: la terribile A che ha perseguitato le Liars in tutti questi anni (dopo Mona. CeCe Drake is Charles DiLaurentis. This is what I believe and here are my thoughts: Charles is probably the twin brother of Jason D making him Alison and Spencers half brother. Early on as a child he figured out that he wasn't as all the other boys and eventually started to play with dolls and dress in girls clothing. To the perfect DiLaurentis-family this was an outrage. I haven't thought. Red Coat/Black Widow: Cece Drake. Cece had been a shady character from the start, and I believed she was both Red Coat and Black Widow, as both of them appeared throughout the show wearing an Alison mask. I thought Cece would help Darren/Charles fake his own death and that she would take the blame for it, before trying to pin it on Ashley Marin. At the funeral, I thought Cece would come as.

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Cece Drake is Red Coat, Alison is alive, and Ezra is the leader of the A-Team. Alison is also apparently trying to protect the Liars from the A-Team. A is for Answers Ali was conked on the head and her own mother buried her alive in an effort to protect the perpetrator. Taking This One to the Grave: Mona uncovers evidence suggesting that Alison is now working as A, then she is murdered. Jan 12, 2014 - Charlotte DiLaurentis (born Charles Drake: alias CeCe Drake) was a character on Pretty Little Liars, first introduced in Season 3. She is portrayed by Vanessa Ray. Her character pays homage to the book character, Courtney DiLaurentis. She was the best friend, mentor, and older adoptive sister.. Vivian's trenchcoat is similar to Red Coat's indicating that -A copied the coat's style. Vivian Darkbloom has been Cece's new alias since EscApe From New York in order to escape the police. Her appearances as Vivian only count if shes wearing her black wig. Alison wore Vivian's red coat numerous amount of times, but without her wig. The. WTF und OMG beschreiben nicht ansatzweise, wie schockierend das Sommerfinale der sechsten Staffel Pretty Little Liars war. Die Identität von ‚A' aka Charles DiLaurentis ist gelüftet She sent a decoy—Red Coat—to distract them. And here we find out Red Coat's identity. ANSWER ALERT: Sara Stupid Harvey is Red Coat, or was, CeCe explains, When I needed her to be. She.

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Ezra wahr früher mal mit allison zusammen und jetzt will er ein Buch über ihr leben schreiben und cece ist nicht -A sie gehört zu den red coats hoffe ich konnte dir helfen:)) 3 Kommentare 3. raynn Fragesteller 16.06.2014, 23:20. vielen dank :) ich finde die serie so spannend ich will endlich wissen vor wem ali sich versteckt :)) 0 1. ssvlove 17.06.2014, 17:45. @raynn ich auch ich schau in. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people Then suddenly, the minute the girls find the red coat in season 2, it begins again. Uber A makes arrangements to come back and Red Coat arrives in all her glory to steal the game back in season 3. Conveniently, in season 3 someone else came back to Rosewood abruptly for no reason whatsoever, Cece Drake Dzisiaj będziemy się zastanawiać nad tym, kim tak naprawdę jest Cece Drake. Nie, to nie jest teoria, dlatego jak najbardziej zapraszam do podsuwania swoich spostrzeżeń. No to rozwijamy! :) Cece pojawia się pierwszy raz w trzecim sezonie, zasadniczo nagle, kupując kawę. Mówi, wygląda, zachowuje się tak jak Alison, przez co dziewczyny stojąc w szoku, przez moment zastanawiają się.

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Aug 20, 2015 - My thoughts . See more ideas about Pretty little liars, Cece, Pretty little lairs Je croyais qu'Ali et cece étaient les deux seuls Red Coats. I thought Ali and CeCe were the only two Red Coats. Nouvelle fille, pour Schmidt et cece vient le demande en mariage: Après quatre ans dans lequel ils ont pris et à gauche, Enfin, ils ont décidé de se réunir, Cette fois pour toujours. New Girl, for Schmidt and cece comes the marriage proposal: After four years in which they took. Cece Drake is A Theory. Cece Drake I would call her, Ali's hidden secret. Why didn't she tell the other girls about this best friend of hers? What are they hiding? Cece said herself, that the summer before Ali died was intense. We are starting to discover why she might say that with Ali's pregnancy scare and all. But I think there is more to that story. Why do they act. CeCe Drake is a character from The Shadow Diaries. She is often the Queen Bee of the school and everything. CeCe is shown in the first scene talking to Sam, Mona, Clara and Josh., CeCe is shown dead in the parking lot when Sam finds her CeCe 3/4-Sleeve Bow-Detail Blazer $129.0

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  1. Er liep ook nog een Red Coat rond die A soms hielp. In het begin waren CeCe en Alison zelf Red Coat, maar nu was er een ander die met een rode jas door het stadje liep. Dit bleek Sara Harvey te zijn. Het meisje dat ook verdwenen was en in het dollhouse zat opgesloten. (Waarschijnlijk niet, maar dat dachten we de afgelopen afleveringen)
  2. The Liars are still trying to identify A/Red Coat but have also come to believe that Alison is actually alive. They figure out that there are at least two Red Coats, one of which is CeCe Drake.
  3. Here's what I can tell you, CeCe needed a decoy when she couldn't play both A and Red Coat. Enter Sara Harvey, who basically became part of A's game as an extra set of eyes. Even though CeCe.
  4. Originally when they filmed this scene, Red Coat was supposed to be Alison and her helper Cece Drake, whose hair we see in a black hoodie. They later retconed it into Mona nonsense. level 1. Wulfsimmer-2 points · 2 years ago. Pretty sure the blonde hair is supposed to represent Alison. View entire discussion (11. comments) More posts from the PrettyLittleLiars community. Continue browsing in.
  5. Others Named Cece Red. Cece Drake (Red Coat) Tayo Tayo Tayo II (Ketua dari Team Tayo) CeCe A'chelle (Cherry Top) CeCe Turner. Cece Red Hussle (Lady Pnoe Baby) เจเจ เรด . See more people named Cece Red. Others With a Similar Name. Ce Ce. Celine Kim (kth's) Ce Ce. Julie Sean (Cece) Cece Shooter. Contact Information. No contact info to show.
  6. CeCe Drake Close. 36. Posted by. u/1ibberz22. 2 years ago. Archived. CeCe Drake So Charles DiLaurentis changes her name to Charlotte DeLaurentis. Then she goes out into the world as CeCe Drake. We see that she always refers to Jessica as her mom and her story revolves around Jessica, Kenneth, Jason, and Alison being her family. We later discover, after she's died, that /dun dun dun/ MARY.
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  1. CeCe Drake / Charles Dilaurentis Vanessa Ray: 3.07-3.20, 4.11-6.11, 7.04, 7.06, 7.19-7.20 Wicki Kalaitzi: Exfreundin von Jason und Elliot, Tochter von Mary und Ted, Halbschwester von Spencer und Alex, Nichte von Jessica, Cousine von Jason und Alison Identität von A und 1. Red Coat (S3-S6) Kenneth DiLaurentis Jim Abel
  2. g) frage Staffel 1 Folge 7 (Katerstimmung) Staffel 1 Folge 8 vergesst mich nicht (Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone) Staffel1 folge 9 : Große erwartungen(The Perfect.
  3. If CeCe and Ezra were working together as Head -A and one of the Red Coats, what could they have to gain by killing Wilden? After all Wilden seemed to share a dislike for the liars with them. He was trying to pin every crime that occurred in Rosewood on the liars, so you would think he was making their jobs of harassing the girls easier. And, he would never suspect them (the A-Team) of.
  4. Red Coat was staying at the DiLaurentis house when A was in the lair! Therefore, it wasn't CeCe who stayed at the basement, it was Sara. She was homeless hence why Charles was staying at Aunt Carol's. CeCe is A, she has her own place, her own car, a job, etc. Why would she be staying at Aunt Carol's? Right? Black Veil is also Sara Harvey, Jessica was seen dressed as Black Veil at Alison.
  5. I'm thinking that the Carissimi Group was set up to let CeCe obtain this money more easily. (This may not be the case, but I'm almost positive the Carassimi Group isn't even REAL) The pictures that Clark too of someone in a black hoodie.. It was in fact a GIRL. The hair and such, the girls saw it. Mona always referred to RED COAT as a SHE.

Shop a great selection of CeCe by Cynthia Steffe Women's Clothing at Nordstrom Rack. Find designer CeCe by Cynthia Steffe Women's Clothing up to 70% off and get free shipping on orders over $100 Red Coat Sara was setting up a bomb to blow up Radley, and CeCe had the button. Luckily, Spencer managed to disarm the thing before CeCe pressed that button, only for nothing to happen. Dammit. Theory #14: CeCe Drake Killed Bethany Young. Okay, so this theory is a little bit crazy. Hold onto your hats and let me know what you think. What if CeCe had been going to Radley to visit Bethany and writing her pretending to be Alison? She could have been doing this as revenge for the stunt that Alison pulled that got her kicked out of school. Of course to keep Alison from suspecting CeCe of. To recap Cece's possible death scene, the blond was one of two Red Coats (seemingly, the evil one) the Liars found in Ravenswood. While Spencer chases after one, Aria chases after Cece, and. When Charlotte introduced herself to the Liars, she changed her name to CeCe Drake (Dre Davis), her girlfriend, had been teaming up with CeCe as Red Coat and Black Swan. Pretty Little Liars.

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NDR Talk Show: Die Gäste heute Abend im NDR (22.05.2020) Aria folgt einem Red Coat und dort sehen wir, wie schon in der Folge davor, dass es CeCe ist. Sie kämpfen, CeCe rutscht ab und fällt in die Tiefe. Zunächst glauben die Mädchen, dass sie tot sei. Während sie sich unterhalten und nicht zu CeCe schauen, nimmt sie die. Jessica Day, besser bekannt als Jess, ist die Hauptperson von New. Is CeCe Drake 'A' on 'Pretty Little Liars'? Share on She says she noticed a blonde in a red coat that would watch the girls and she tells Alison that it was Sara Harvey, who helped her. Free shipping and returns on Women's CeCe Coats, Jackets & Blazers at Nordstrom.com Red Coat (Pretty Little Liars) (1,875 words) exact match in snippet view article seasons. In Season 4, it is revealed there are 2 active Red Coat's, one being CeCe Drake, the other being Alison DiLaurentis. In Season 6, it is revealed ther Sara Is Both Red Coat and Black Widow Thanks to Mona's constant intel, CeCe learned how happy the Liars were that Alison was gone. This made her furious, so she began tormenting them as a form. Read - Cece Drake - from the story Pretty Little Liars Facts by HarryWonderfulStyles (Vivi) with 1,663 reads. facs, prettylittleliars, wattys2018. ~ 26 Jahre ~..

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